Dr Christiane Northrup, author of the book Mother-Daughter Wisdom (Hay House), says: “The mother-daughter relationship is the most powerful bond in the world, for better or for worse. It sets the stage for all other relationships.” No other childhood experience is as compelling as a young girl’s relationship with her mother.

Mom’s and daughter’s residing at Edison WoodsEdison Woods Senior 55+Edison VillageBlueberry Village, & Rivendell Heights should plan on teeing up together when Edison’s TOPGOLF presents their MOMMY & ME golf outing on July 17 @4pm. 

Open to both beginners or professionals, TOPGOLF will be offering appetizers and unlimited drinks (alcohol at your own expense) for a 2 hour afternoon of Mommy & Me golfing. Recommended for 10 year old’s and up, a prize will be offered for the highest scores. You can expect not only fun together but also a great afternoon of networking with like minded pairs! 

Click here to register for this mother-child bonding event and strengthen this most vital relationship with an eye to both the present and the future! 

Click on this link to learn about 30 other ways mom and her offspring can beautify their being together. 

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