Let’s face it: moving is always a hassle. From the planning and packing to facilitating the actual moving day, it can be a pretty stressful time in your life. If you’re looking to lower your stress levels and also save some money, here are some mistakes to avoid while moving to your Elizabeth, NJ, apartment.

Not thinking about finances

Whether you hire movers or employ your amazing friends, it’s still costly to relocate, whether it’s simply down the block or even across the country. Renting a truck, tipping, coughing up security deposits or other move-in fees, or even installation costs for utilities can all add up incredibly quickly. It doesn’t hurt to map all of these expenses and bake in a little extra for any kind of unforeseen surprises.

Not thinking about timing

You probably know your move-out date and your move-in date by heart, but it’s also helpful to work a bit backward in time. If you’re hiring movers, making a solid appointment with them months in advance will help you not only get a lower rate but guarantee their availability. Be sure to consider your utility installation timing (you’ll definitely want your Wi-Fi for Netflix that first night!) and contact the post office of your new address.

Not thinking about measurements

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid while moving to your Elizabeth, NJ, apartment is to not pay attention to spacing and sizes. If you can, take pictures of your new place before moving in to get a sense of where your furniture will go (and if it will fit of course!) so you won’t waste any time come move-in day. From there, you’ll be able to figure out other feng shui options as you get adjusted to your new living space.

Not thinking about the weather

If you’re moving in the dead of winter, be prepared. Bring mats to protect the floors from snow, salt, or mud. Serve your movers or friends hot coffee or tea to keep them warm. If you’re moving in the middle of summer, it’s just as important to be conscientious of the outside elements. Be sure to cool them down with plenty of water and rest breaks to avoid heat headaches, dehydration, or even worse. Moving is always physically taxing, and for those doing the heavy lifting, it’s even worse.

Take some of the stress out of the change by being conscious of these mistakes to avoid while moving to your Elizabeth, NJ, apartment and everyone will be happier in the end!