Moving into a new spot is super exciting and probably has you daydreaming about how you’ll design your new apartment near Secaucus. Before you put on your interior designer hat, however, it’s wise to pull out your measuring tape and take note of these dimensions before you sign a lease. Doing so will not only prepare you for tight spaces, but it will eliminate any surprises that will force you to rethink your furniture. Once you’re all in, prop up your feet and enjoy your new space.

  1. Measure the rooms

It goes without saying that you should definitely take note of the size and dimensions of your living room, bedroom, and other areas that generally require furniture sets. Also taking note of window and door placements in each room will help you figure out prior to moving in where and how you’ll be organizing your furniture. The quicker you get everything in, the faster you can start personalizing.

  1. Doorways

Whether you have professional movers or just a gang of your best friends, fitting everything within the (often) tight confines of doorways may often prove tricky. Disassembling furniture pieces, if possible, is a proactive way to avoid any hiccups or difficulty squeezing larger pieces through the doorways. Once inside, put your handyman skills to use and reassemble!

  1. Hallways

This detail is often overlooked, as most people don’t take these spots into consideration while moving in and out. It’s a great idea to take some measurement notes on the main hallways of your apartment near Secaucus so you can be sure that everything will be able to fit while moving in. This will help you figure out if anything of yours needs to be broken down prior to moving day.

  1. Elevators

This modern-day invention is one of our generation’s greatest gifts. Moving day aside, you’ll be thanking your stars for elevators. Ask your management team at your new apartment near Secaucus to see if they have a service or freight elevator for moving in purposes, and more often than not, they’ll grant you clearance to reduce the headache of moving as much as possible.

You want to love your new apartment near Secaucus, so don’t let yourself be surprised by the size of any room.