The holidays are one of the prime hosting seasons with family and friends from all over visiting to enjoy those special days. Even if you don’t have a guest room in your Roselle Park rental, you can still make your guests feel right at home with these simple tips.

Even in a small space, there are easy ways to make your overnight guests feel more comfortable and welcome in your home. Set up a bedside tray of essentials next to the couch or wherever they will be sleeping. Stock a rimmed tray with water, tissues, an alarm clock, and some little extras like a small plant or candle. Make sure it’s near an outlet so they can plug in their phones. Your visitors will appreciate having everything right at their fingertips in your Roselle Park rental.

Designate a space that is specifically theirs. It’s important to give guests an area where they can set up camp, even if it’s just your couch. Establish a spot before they arrive so they can immediately stow their luggage and get to the important part, spending time with you. Consider clearing out space in a closet or drawer where they can put away their clothes or hang up their clothing. If possible, avoid using their designated space for anything other than them. For example, try not to use their bed to entertain or watch TV if you have them on the couch. This makes your guests feel like they are imposing. For added privacy, you may want to set up a temporary screen in your Roselle Park rental that can be left up during the visit and stowed away when guests go home.

If your guest “room” is lacking, make up for the space by stocking up in other areas of your homes. Buy food, beer, or wine that you know visitors like. In the bathroom, put out extra towels, sample-sized toiletries and extra toilet paper so guests can easily find them.

Consider giving up the master bed in your Roselle Park, NJ apartment rental for visiting couples and those that aren’t staying very long. If you have room and host relatively often, it’s worth investing in a sleeper sofa or an air mattress to make your guests as comfortable as possible. And remember the most important part of hosting guests – enjoying the time together!