Laundry at rentals in Central New Jersey can pile up quick. And what about that purgatory chair? You know what we’re talking about – the one spot where clothes that aren’t ready to be washed but have been worn live waiting for their final destination. Whether it’s a chair, a spot on the floor, or something else, there’s one place where these almost-clean clothes stay and it’s usually not in the closet. This is your method of doing less laundry and keeping your clothes in great condition. Not everything needs to be washed after one wear. But finding out how to sort and store those not-quite-dirty pieces is tough. Here are some ways to organize your purgatory pile and do less laundry.

Color Code

The ultimate goal should be to get your clothing, whether freshly laundered or still wearable, into the closet and out of sight. One way to differentiate your clothing in stages of cleanliness is to color code. You can use a variety of methods for color coding but the most convenient is using colored hangers to tell pieces apart. You can find nearly any color of hanger near rentals in Central New Jersey for reasonable prices. Buy two or three colors and hang your clothes based on their stage of clean. Not only will your clothes stay wrinkle-free and wear-ready, they’ll be out of your room!

Reverse It

Another way to differentiate laundry is to use the reverse-hanger method. Totally clean clothes should go on hangers with the tops facing one direction and almost-clean clothes should face the opposite way. Then you’ll be able to tell which is which more quickly. You could also use a method of hanging almost-clean clothes inside out and totally clean pieces the “right” way – though that may be more labor intensive.

Tag It

You can also “tag” your clothes that have been worn but aren’t ready to be washed so you’ll be able to follow their journey to the laundry basket. Using things like clothespins (with color coding!), safety pins on the tags of your clothing, or bread tags can be helpful in organizing your clothes and get them out of sight and into your closet. This method might take a little bit more investigation but it’s much easier to get more specific with!

Anyway you go about it, getting clothes into a storage space at rentals in Central New Jersey instead of all over your room is the goal. Have fun and make it work for you!