A place for everything, and everything in its place. The key to living in an apartment in Willingboro is organization. And that’s easier done with everything labeled – so, you know its place.

But this isn’t a job for your ordinary p-touch label maker, not that there’s anything wrong with that. The p-touch is perfectly fine and functional. And if you like that look, go for it. But if you’re looking to incorporate the labels into your home design, you’re going to want to do something with a bit more flair.

Kitchen labels

There are a handful of places in a home where different products can look a lot alike. The kitchen tops that list. Would you want to mistake salt for sugar in your morning coffee, tea, or cereal? Yuck. Or, if you’re a baker and keep several different types of flour on hand (bread, cake, whole wheat, all purpose, etc.), you’re going to want to know which type is which. The solution? Labels, of course.

What will work on both glass and plastic, but won’t wipe off with a paper towel and water? Paint pens! These are great, bright, colorful, and easy to change — the paint does come off in the dishwasher or with a scrub from the textured side of a sponge. If you have great handwriting, this is a nice option for you to make labels part of your decor.

Another option is vinyl letters. The vinyl is applied via a transfer sheet. The shapes (including letters) are cut using a machine called a Cricut(™), which makes options for fonts, shapes, etc., virtually endless.

Home office labels

Another room in your apartment in Willingboro that could use labels to keep organized is the home office. Why the home office? Office supplies need to be stored, cords and chargers often live in this room more than any other. Some fun way to add labels here? Washi tape to frame your basic printable label. Or, office label giant Avery has some unique labels that you can use to label your different storage boxes in your office or craft room.

There are lots of creative ways can you come up with to keep your apartment in Willingboro neat, organized and labeled. Have fun with it!