With the holiday season in full swing, pet-friendly apartments in Secaucus can be extra dangerous to our beloved furry friends. From seasonal décor to holiday dishes to unexpected guests, the holidays bring with them a host of hazards for Fido and Fluffy. Prepare your New Jersey apartment before any of your pets experiences a mishap. Here are some tips for keeping your four-legged friends safe this holiday season.


One of the most enticing and dangerous parts of the holidays is décor. Though pet-friendly apartments in Secaucus might be decked to the hilt to welcome your guests, your furry friends may find your décor utterly intriguing. Unfortunately for them, lots of holiday décor is very dangerous for pets. Among the top risks are Christmas trees, mistletoe, and poinsettias. When it comes to trees, if you are committed to real, keep the water fresh because your pets just LOVE slurping up the piney fresh H20. If you go with fake, don’t let them eat it! Not only will it ruin your holiday vibe, it’ll cause serious gastrointestinal upset in your four-legged friend. Mistletoe and holly can be toxic to pets. Holly will cause severe gastrointestinal issues and vomiting while mistletoe can even cause cardiovascular issues in animals.

Though everyone loves lights and sparkle around the holidays, these bits of decoration can cause harm to pets. Anything that involves electricity should be used with caution. Make sure your pets are trained to “drop it” or “leave it” and keep them supervised when in the vicinity of electrical wires and lighted items. Anything that sparkles can catch your pet’s eye and make it that much more intriguing, Also, as a rule, never leave burning candles unattended – especially around kitties who love knocking things over.


Celebrating the holidays at apartments in Secaucus wouldn’t be the same without all the festive food favorites. But your pets don’t need to indulge like your holiday guests. Firstly, “people food” can already adversely affect your beloved pet through gastrointestinal upset and weight gain. Beyond that, some things that are particularly popular during the holiday season can be downright deadly. Obviously, pets shouldn’t enjoy chocolate, but be sure to keep them away from sweets with xylitol in them, too. This additive can produce a multitude of undesired effects and be incredible harmful to your pet.

Having a cocktail party? Keep the booze away from Boomer and Buffy – your pets, of course. If your furry friends imbibe, they could experience weakness and get sick – even going into a coma and suffering respiratory failure. And, as a reminder, leave the leftovers to the humans. Many types of meat bones can splinter and become fatal for pets.

The holidays spent at pet-friendly apartments in Secaucus can be memorable, but make sure it’s not for the wrong reasons. Keep pets safe and the holiday cheer going all season long!