Pets are a part of the family and make everyone’s day brighter, but keeping your carpet clean in your Belle Mead, NJ, apartment is a concern if you want to ensure your security deposit stays intact and returns to your bank account when you are ready to move. Cats and dogs can potentially ruin a carpet, but there are easy strategies to keep your carpets clean from your little critters’ messes.

Attack those stains right away. Letting a stain sit creates a deeper stain within the fibers of the carpet, so it’s important to tackle any pet stains as soon as possible. Have supplies like a dustpan, a dull knife, and a roll of paper towels on hand. Brush stained areas with the dull knife to brush off any loose debris into the dustpan, then layer the paper towels over the stain. Apply pressure on the paper towels to absorb any liquid. Once you have the carpet as dry as possible, use warm water and soap to prevent discoloration on the carpet. For stains that sat for while because they occurred when you were not home, a combination of vinegar and cold water can eliminate any odor, then use a carpet cleaner to remove the stain.

Don’t stress about excessive shedding! To keep your carpet clean in your Belle Mead, NJ, apartment, sweep and vacuum frequently and the pet hair won’t cause long-term damage to the floors and carpets in your rental. For difficult areas of the carpet, you can use masking tape or a lint roller to pull out stubborn hairs from the carpet fibers. Another quick trick is rubber gloves. Keep a pair of rubber dish gloves under your sink to clean any large clumps of hair. Simply put the gloves on, run your gloved hands under some water to dampen the gloves, then run the gloves over the carpet and the hair will stick to them.

Simple solutions are often best, and many of us prefer to use organic products around our pets. We don’t want to harm our furry loved ones with chemical cleaners. Mix one part vinegar to two parts water for a natural cleaner for pet stains. Baking soda helps alleviate carpet odors. Just sprinkle baking soda on your carpet, let sit for a few minutes, then vacuum as usual.

Keeping your carpet clean in your Belle Mead, NJ, apartment is a cinch when you have so many strategies to battle any pet stain!