Whats the BEST way to find a great job these days? Here are the top strategies for getting a new job in 2020, listed in no particular order, as compiled in 2020 by recruitment experts;



Job fairs are especially popular for companies looking to recruit new graduates. Residents at Edison based BestrentNJ.com tenants at Edison Woods, Edison Woods Senior 55+, Edison Village, Blueberry Village, & Rivendell Heights can take their best-dressed selves on April 14 from 11am-2pm to the Somerset Job Fair being held at the Embassy Suites by Hilton where the following advice could very well lead to their next job;

• Research participating companies ahead of time and have a customized resume and cover letter to give them.

• Create your own business card and if you work in a creative company, bring work samples from your portfolio to show them.

• Wear a professional and comfortable power outfit.

• Prepare a list of questions to show recruiters you are prepared and passionate about the job to increase the likelihood you’ll be remembered.

• Make eye contact and practice your pitch.

• Follow up with the recruiters from the companies you wish to work for with thank you emails, cards or connect with them on LinkedIn.



Most people start their job searches here by using platforms like Indeed, ZipRecruiter and Glassdoor, which are job-specific content aggregators. What’s most important is to make sure that your resume and cover letter are both up-to-date before you get the word out. First impressions mean a great deal – even in the digital domain.



Some job opportunities can be accessed only by networking and knowing the right people. Make connections with people you know, or people with whom you have mutual connections. These opportunities won’t be listed on a website and remember that each network is part of another network. Make a list of all the people you know that might have knowledge or contacts in the industry or the company you want to apply with. Then reach out to them first. They can easily refer you or recommend a key stakeholder in that company. Keep in mind that it is really important to know exactly what you want.



Targeting specific companies is actually a very popular job search strategy that can be quite effective if you approach it the right way. Visit the websites of the companies you’ve targeted to see if they have advertised jobs and if no jobs are listed, find a human resources contact and reach out them. Politely ask for more information about possible future vacancies. Use the company’s website as a research tool for identifying contacts outside of human resources who can make hiring decisions. For instance, try connecting with someone in the specific area or department where you’d like to work as part of your networking effort.



LinkedIn is THE social media channel for professionals. You can use it to identify and connect with people around the world working for companies or in industries where you would also like to work. Many organizations also post jobs on LinkedIn, and it’s quite common for experienced people to receive recruitment messages on the platform. Don’t forget to “follow” your preferred companies with a consistent positive professional image with your real name on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Delete those profiles and websites that you are not using anymore. Brand yourself consistently.

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