Sometimes when we’re short on time (or motivation), our cleaning habits can look more like shortcuts—instead of putting things in their assigned spot, maybe we just throw everything in one giant “to-deal-with-later” pile. Or maybe you have that one drawer in your rental near Metuchen that just seems to catch all that miscellaneous stuff that either you don’t know what to do with or where to put permanently. We’re all guilty of these sneaky habits, but here are a few easy approaches to make your little piles disappear – once and for all!

  1. Bring it all out

This is the most intimidating part of organizing rentals near Metuchen, so once you get through this first step, it’ll be smooth sailing from here. Once you have all the contents of your master pile or miscellaneous drawer spread out all around you, you will not only realize the source of the problem: avoidance! Now is the time to address these items and avoid no more! Start making piles of related items (clothing, paperwork, toys, etc.), and keep going until every item has a “family.”

  1. Start small

From here, put your focus on one pile at a time, starting with the easiest. Either put all the clothing items back into the closet or in the hamper. If there are items with tags that you’re unsure of keeping or returning, make the decision now—either rip the tags off and hang it up, or place it in your car to return next time you’re out and about.

  1. Address those pain points

The reason most of these items are in these piles is because we simply don’t want to deal with them or don’t know how to. Perhaps it’s a pile of insurance documents or student loan bills; these things are always a pain each month, but you moved into your rental near Metuchen to achieve adulthood, right? Face these pain points head-on by creating a mature and organized filing system so each month isn’t a repeat of avoidance and scare.

Don’t let rentals near Metuchen be overwhelmed by clutter. Make this year your time to finally rid yourself of those pesky piles!