What’s the most fun part about spring cleaning? Purging out the things that you no longer need, want, or have worn out. Why? Because then you have the opportunity to replace some of the old with the new in your Rahway NJ rental. Starting with your welcome mat.

Yes, really, your welcome mat. Why? Well, after winter’s use — especially if winter has been snowier than normal — the mat may not be in the best shape. A lot of snow, slush, and salt can really take a toll on a doormat. So, it’s a great opportunity to find something fresh and fun for spring.

And, don’t forget that a welcome mat is often the first impression someone gets of your Rahway NJ rental, so you have a great opportunity to showcase your style and personality with a fun mat… even before you even step foot in your home.

Uncommon Goods is a great source for welcome mats with personality. Are you a child of the ’80s who remembers making mix tapes? There’s a welcome mat for you, even personalized. Do you long for the simpler days of childhood? Play hopscotch on your welcome mat.

Welcome mats can also show the guests you see at Rahway NJs rental about personal  interests. If the Wizard of Oz is your favorite movie, there’s a yellow brick road welcome mat for you. Are you a Francophile? Say bonjour or bienvenue (and au revoir or à bientôt). An Apple tech enthusiast? Yep, there’s a mat for you, too.

And if the sillier mats aren’t your style, then there are plenty of simpler versions in tons of different colors and materials. You can even make your own mat to the design of your liking – even if it’s a little fruity. Now that will brighten the doorsteps of Rahway NJ rentals!