The heat of summer may make you balk at the thought of lighting a candle to make rentals near Florham Park, NJ, smell great. When you’re feeling the urge to freshen up your home, there are so many other options to enhance the aroma. Here are just a few ideas that you can try out that will get away from those tired (and heat-inducing) candles.

  1. Invest in an Aera

If you’re looking for a fresh pick-me-up without the aid of lighting a wick, check out this handy little device that disperses subtle and periodic wisps of scents. The fragrances are subtle enough that you won’t get that over-the-top scent headache, and it’ll make rentals near Florham Park, NJ, feel clean and fresh. Bonus: you can activate this smart device via your phone, so you can put it to sleep while you’re away or flick it on when guests are about to arrive.

  1. Electric air diffusers

When lighting a candle in the middle of summer just sounds silly to you, one of these handy pieces will give you the same awesome smells without the risk of aggressive flames or the paranoia of leaving it unattended while still lit. These are easy to find, and another great benefit of these products is they come in great home décor designs so it can easily become part of your home’s personality.

  1. Bring in those flowers

This one may seem a bit obvious, but natural life is everywhere during the summer, so if you want some natural scents (as well as a visual mood booster), pick up some fresh flowers from your local store or boutique. Your senses will thank you, and so will your apartment’s feel-good vibe!

  1. Clean with citrus

This option is not only multi-functional, but it’s so cheap and easy to do! Simply mix lemon juice with baking soda, and you’ve got yourself a natural household cleaner for the shower, sink, and toilet. The best part is the scent will permeate your space, leaving it smelling fresh and clean. As a bonus, rentals near Florham Park, NJ, will be spotless.

Your apartment doesn’t have to be funky just because the temps are higher. Use these fresh alternatives this summer.