Congratulations on committing to your first apartment! You must be thrilled to have your own space and taste the fruits of independence. Part of the charm of living on your own is getting used to the expenses; you might be shocked to find how much of your paycheck will be going to rent and utilities, so you might be wondering how you’ll furnish your apartment near Willingboro, NJ, with such little money left over. Luckily, you don’t have to immediately make your home look like a page in Martha Stewart Living; here are a few things to invest in right away and the things that will come in time.

Immediate investments:

  1. Sleep well

A good night’s sleep is the foundation to a healthy and productive lifestyle; without it, your quality of life will greatly suffer. It’s best to invest in a decent mattress and frame to ensure a solid start to each day.

  1. Kitchen essentials

You’ll quickly learn how much money you’ll save by grocery shopping instead of eating out or ordering in. Look into the basics, like pots and pans, a simple yet reliable dining set, and a few cutlery staples.

  1. Window treatments

Blinds are great, but investing in quality curtains will be another lifesaver in your new home. Not only will they help keep heat/cold out and save you money on your electric bills, but they’ll make your home that much cozier right away.

These can wait:

  1. Dining room set

Chances are, you’re not throwing large Gatsby-like dinner parties in your apartment near Willingboro, NJ, just yet, so put this on hold until you have a bit more of the basics lined up.

  1. Décor

Things like art pieces, accent rugs, and throw pillows will all come in time once you’ve been in your apartment long enough and have established a vision of how you’d like your space to mirror your personality and taste.

  1. Storage pieces

These bins and units are fantastic additions (and necessities) for any home, but it’s sometimes best to invest in these once you have an established idea of the flow of your day to day, i.e., what you use on a regular basis and what you don’t.

Moving into your own place can be exciting, but don’t blow all your cash trying to make your apartment near Willingboro, NJ, a forever home. This is a starter place so start it off right!