Sometimes frustration gets the best of us and the next thing you know there’s an axe to grind and the stress wheel begins to spin….but wait! Don’t despair. Just prepare yourself to throw an axe instead! Ewing Township residents at Ewing Town Center, River Links and Delaware Heights can head on over to the aptly coined Bury The Hatchet where you’ll experience the thrill of throwing an axe at a wooden target. All of the indoor axe throwing ranges have multiple lanes where customers get a one of a kind experience in a fun urban setting. In between turns you can watch from the sidelines and enjoy a drink (or a few) with your friends!

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Competitive axe throwing is a well known Canadian past time that’s becoming increasingly popular in the United States. Simply put, it’s like playing a game of darts, except with axes! At Bury The Hatchet you’ll experience the thrill of launching an axe at a wooden target in a safe and fun environment. You and your best mates will spend two hours becoming intimate with a 1.5lb piece of whirling wood and metal as you learn, practice, and then finally square off toe-to-toe in a group tournament.

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