Springtime is now within your embrace and if you’re looking out the window, there may be a better view – and many more benefits – for those heading to the other side of the glass….the great out-of-doors.

Here are just some of the benefits of being outdoors;

• It boosts your energy

• It feels easier to exercise outdoors

• It boosts your immune system

• It enhances creativity

• It give you your daily dose of of vitamin D

• It restores your focus

• It helps mitigate pain

Our residents at Edison based BestrentNJ.com tenants at Edison Woods, Edison Woods Senior 55+, Edison Village, Blueberry Village, & Rivendell Heights can find their antidote to the indoors in some of these wonderful natural local settings;

Roosevelt Park consistently ranks as one of Edisons most accessible & beautiful natural environments. The 196 acre park is the oldest park in the Middlesex County Park System dating back to 1917 and locals are fond of referring to the park as “our Central Park!” Springtime offers a calm environment conducive to a chill walk all while watching the ducks swim in Edisons premier park. You can even go fishing or for those more inclined toward matters cerebral, catch up on that book you’ve been wanting to read on your own quiet bench.

Enjoy the peaceful, calm beauty of Papaianni Park for some low-impact walks and strolls right here in our own neighborhood. Joggers can get their 5 mile run in with just 2 laps around the park trail while bike riding families can circle the lake and fountain bringing nature and a great family day outdoors in this serene natural environment.

Ready for the scenic route? Just a short ride away, you’ll find Washington Rock State Park in nearby Green Brook Township to be a great choice to experience some dramatic expansive vistas. This outlook oriented park attracts photo buffs from near and afar and from certain vantage points you’ll even see the Statue of Liberty and the isle of Manhattan. Though not necessarily the park for those interested in long walks or jogging, the views here are spectacular whether day or night.

Psychologists assert that exposure to nature and the outdoors actually makes us better people! Being outdoors helps us shrug off societal pressures, allowing us to remember and value more important things like relationships, sharing, and community.

You’ll find some of New Jersey’s most desirable indoor – and outdoor – residential communities by using the Apartment Locator page at BestrentNJ.com today.