Ready for a cool dip as we hop thru the month of June?
We’ve all got our own reasons to head out for a swim. With kids, it’s a no-brainer! If health comes to mind, here are some clear benefits;
Swimming is a good all-round activity because it:
  • keeps your heart rate up but takes some of the impact stress off your body
  • builds endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness
  • helps maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart and lungs
  • tones muscles and builds strength
  • provides an all-over body workout, as nearly all of your muscles are used during swimming.
Edison residents at Edison Woods, Edison Woods Senior 55+, Edison Village, Blueberry Village, & Rivendell Heights are invited to mosey on down to any one of these 5 swimming pools that follow standards set by the state so that they can continue to safely operate during the summer re-emergence from the pandemic. (Click this link to visit the New Jersey State Department of Health page for public recreational bathing.) 

Metuchen Municipal Pool: After being closed for the 2020 season, the Metuchen Municipal Pool is now open for 2021.

Oakcrest Community Pool, YMCA of Edison, Metuchen: The Oakcrest Community Pool is a popular destination for families.

Five Star Swim School: The Five Star Swim School is known for swimming lesson and kiddie pool parties.

The Lake at Cheesequake State Park: There is a beautiful lake inside the park with a beach and swimming area with lifeguards.

Crystal Spring Family Waterpark: This is the first municipal waterpark located in East Brunswick, New Jersey.

Each pool may have its own particular Covid-19 restrictions and it would make sense to inquire before packing up the kids and speedos!

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