Art is a key part of decorating Monroe, NJ, rentals. It’s a statement that’s both reflective of your personality and impactful on your room. But, even your favorite pieces can get a little stale after a while. Freshen them up with a couple of tricks.

A New Frame of Mind

Frames are the fastest and easiest way to change up the look of your art.

A frame can instantly add a new element to the art on your walls. A fancy gold-painted frame adds elegance to the piece. A black or satin nickel frame can add sophistication. Or add an extra splash of color with a bright blue (or red, or green, or purple…) frame. The style of the frame will make just as much impact as changing its color. Changing the frame will instantly change the look of the art it surrounds.

As will removing the frame, or placing the art into a picture box frame. That will make your art, and your room, feel more relaxed and casual.  If your artwork happens to be on a stretched frame, removing the frame can make a room in your Monroe, NJ, rental feel more modern.

Size Matters

Another option is to increase the size of the mat – which usually increases the size of the frame, too. The larger the piece of art — well, without changing the actual piece of art — the more impactful it is in the room.  And, of course, the more it will dress up Monroe NJ rentals. Changing the color of your mat is another way to bring new interest to your art.  You can even add a textural element if you were to cover your mat with fabric.

Playing with the depth is another option for smaller pieces of art. A thicker frame, similar to a shadow box, would give a photograph, for example, a three-dimensional effect that it wouldn’t get from a traditional frame.

Light it up

Lighting can also change how art looks on the wall. Is your piece placed on a wall that gets a lot of natural light? Or do you have it next to a lamp or other artificial light source? The kind of light makes a big difference to how your eye sees the colors in your artwork. Natural light is a very different temperature (color) light than your standard light bulb or even an LED light. If you want to see the colors in your artwork the way the artist intended for you to see them, you want to get them in lighting that’s as close to natural light as you can get. Buy your lightbulbs accordingly. Now, if you want to make light a part of the art, there are even frames that help you do that.

There lots of ways to elevate and change the way your favorite artwork looks in Monroe, NJ, rentals. From frames to mats to lighting, you’ll find a way to keep your favorite art on display, while finding ways to keep that display fresh and updated.