Going green at apartments near North Brunswick can be easy, or at least it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. There are some easy things that everyone can do to reduce their impact on the environment right at home! Many people get so overwhelmed with eco living that they don’t even start trying, but with these easy tips, everyone can make a difference even in the smallest ways! Here are some places to start when you’re ready to go green.

  1. Organic. Going green isn’t just about saving the environment, it’s also about improving your health. Eating organic foods as frequently as possible can reduce the impact that chemicals and toxins from traditionally processed foods have on your body. While organic products are typically more expensive, there are ways around the cost. If you have discount grocery stores like Trader Joe’s or Aldi near your home, start there. These stores have lots of organic options at a reduced cost. If you can’t go all organic, that’s fine, just focus on what you can do and try to eat locally. Eating locally reduces the carbon footprint that the agriculture industry has. Living at apartments near North Brunswick may afford you access to Community Supported Agriculture programs or Co-Ops where you can get locally sourced produce.
  2. Reduce chemicals. While chemical-laden products are all throughout your home and life, you can go green by weeding them out over time. Start with cleaning products in your home. While anti-bacterial wipes smell great and do an awesome job, you don’t have to use them. Creating your own cleaning products with simple ingredients like vinegar and essential oils can remove harsh chemicals from your home and improve your health. Start reading the labels of everything you use on your body, too. Makeup and personal care items are often loaded with chemicals that have been shown to cause issues. Focus on switching to cruelty- and chemical-free beauty products, too.
  3. Reduce plastic. Plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose. If it isn’t recycled, and not all of it can be, it will be impacting the planet for centuries to come. So, a simple way to go green at apartments near North Brunswick is to reduce your use of plastic. Get a reusable water bottle. Stop using straws or get metal ones. Bring your own packaging and buy from the bulk section at the grocery store. Challenge yourself to use as little plastic as possible and stick to it. You don’t have to completely stop using plastic, but really try to use as little as you can and recycle what you do use.

Even residents of apartments near North Brunswick can drastically reduce their impact on the environment with just a few simple changes. Go green and feel great!