It’s March and that means that the resolution you made at the beginning of the year might be a distant memory. Or maybe you’re still clinging to the last bits of motivation with all you have. Either way, you don’t have to totally bail on focusing on health in 2018. Most people dive head first into health when January hits. From new gym memberships to meal prep to the hottest fitness gadgets, people at apartments near Elizabeth, NJ and beyond, go hard when it comes to resolutions to stay healthy. Thankfully, there are some not-so-intense changes you can make to keep you healthier all year long!

Morning Routine

The start of your day can lay the foundation for how the rest of goes. So, start your day with healthy practices that don’t take up a lot of precious time. The first thing you do in the morning should be to drink a glass of water. Sleep dehydrates you, just by shear length of time, and you want to give your metabolism a jumpstart with a tall glass of H2O. For additional detoxifying properties, squeeze some fresh lemon juice in it!

Next, when it comes to breakfast, focus on a protein-based meal. Protein will keep you fuller longer and keep blood sugar levels even. That means take your coffee black and leave out the sugar. Another thing you can try out this year is dry brushing. This practice is said to have a slew of benefits including increased blood flow, removing dead skin, and helping your body detox.

All Day

There are things you can do throughout the day to keep your health on track, too. Whether it’s parking farther from apartments near Elizabeth, NJ or the office, make yourself walk more. Now that warmer weather is on the way, parking farther out and taking a nice walk to your destination not only has calorie-burning benefits but gives you a chance to get a little bit of much-needed sunshine. Speaking of walking, take a walk at lunch, too. Even if it’s quick, it can make a difference!

Another way to keep your health on track is to pack snacks. Don’t be caught starving at an office that’s always stocked with unhealthy foods. Stay hydrated, and snack well!

There are even things people can do at apartments near Elizabeth, NJ to make a difference in their health. Setting out your gym stuff or packing and taking it with you can give you more incentive to get your sweat on. Additionally, make a commitment to hit the sheets earlier and your body will thank you.

Here’s to your health!