|Do This Before Renewing Your Lease

Do This Before Renewing Your Lease

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So you’ve found a great place to live in a great location in Edison, and you want to stay where you’ve been living for your last lease term. It would save hassle on moving, extra fees for another apartment, and lots of time looking for other places in other towns in New Jersey. That makes it the best bet, right? There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind before renewing your apartment lease in Edison, NJ.

Do you still enjoy your apartment? Consider the community, the area, and your neighbors. If staying in the place you’re already living in doesn’t satisfy you, look for a new place. Making sure your apartment is the right fit for you. You spend a lot of your time at home, it’s important to feel comfortable and at home there. If you still want to live in Edison, check out apartments in the area. There may be another community offering lower rent, different amenities, or tenant benefits that may suit your living style better.

If you’re still interested in renewing your apartment lease in Edison, NJ, after doing some research, contact your landlord a few months before the end of your lease. You’ll need the extra time to make negotiations with the landlord and make absolutely certain that staying is the right choice for you. If your landlord doesn’t know you’re interested in staying, they may list your home as being available for other prospective tenants to live, meaning it could be too late for you to renew.

Be sure to check the lease renewal for a possible increase in rent as well as any big potential changes to your lease from the last term. Your landlord may also stick you with renewal fees, so be sure to read your documents thoroughly. Is staying in your apartment worth any extra money they’ll be charging you? You can also talk to your landlord about any potential changes you’d like to see. You may be able to negotiate to pay a little more in order to have them respond more quickly to maintenance requests you put in, or if they’ll offer extra perks for longer-term residents.

If you’re not sure whether you’re ready to leave, ask about renting by the month to avoid potentially breaking a year-long lease in the future. Many places don’t offer month-to-month leases but it’s worth inquiring about. Renewing your lease for another year or even for a few months saves you from the move-out process as well as apartment hunting for at least a short time.

Finding a place you love to live is a great thing. If you’re looking to stay in the same place for a few or more years, renewing your apartment lease in Edison, NJ, can be a great way to do it. With just a few steps and some talking to your landlord, you can stay in the place you’ve made your home for much longer!