Creating a bohemian haven out of your Rahway, NJ, apartment doesn’t have to be expensive when you’ve got a little imagination and some free time. The fun, hippie vibe can bring color and comfort to any space with these creative, DIY decor projects.

Tassel Pillow

Who doesn’t love fringe? A quintessential element of any bohemian design, a tasseled accent to a simple cushion is a great way to add quick flair to your couch.

Rug Bench

Heavy textures and woven designs can upgrade floor space from boring to beatnik with the simple toss of a rug. But with a few simple materials, you can elevate your boho style with this rug bench for extra living room seating or as an extension of your bed.

Canopy Bed

Romantic layers and overhead fabric are great ways to not only update your bed, but can accent the wall behind it without the use of clunky headboards. Find bright colors that work with your decor and make this interior canopy that is easy to create and to hang.

Yarn-Woven Hanging

Love to play with yarn, but don’t necessarily know how to knit? Find a smooth piece of driftwood or forest wood to create a thick woven wall hanging for a touch of natural texture to your Rahway, NJ, apartment.

Floral Wreath

No bohemian decor is complete without flowers. Even if you aren’t the type to wear them, a floral wreath for your front door is an excellent way to bring a color-filled woodsy feel to your entryway.

Decorative Coasters

Coasters are not only effective for keeping your tabletops clean and water-ring free, but they can also add moveable depth to your kitchen and living room. Painted cork board squares or these gilded geode coasters can be created in an afternoon and bring compliments for parties to come.

Let your Rahway, NJ, apartment bring out your unique, laid-back creativity and make it your greatest work of art without breaking the bank.