The city of Perth Amboy has a history that dates all the way back to 1651, though the first homes were not built on its land until 1683. So, you can imagine that there is much to explore in the immediate area surrounding your rental near Perth Amboy. To get you started, we wanted to share three of our favorite historical spots, some of the oldest standing structures in the area, sure to captivate any history buff.

Perth Amboy Ferry Slip

Located at the mouth of the Raritan River, the location of this slip was at one point a major juncture for boats traversing the New York Harbor, starting with those traveling between New York City and Philadelphia during Colonial days. This slip, however, was built in 1904, and was a vital stop for newly arrived immigrants after processing at Ellis Island. Though it no longer operates as a ferry slip, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978 and, 20 years later, was fully restored to its original appearance. Today, a replica of the original ticketing office serves as a museum.

Proprietary House

This giant, white-washed brick mansion dates back to 1762 and was built as the home of Royal Governor William Franklin, son of Benjamin Franklin, though he didn’t move in until 1774. The structure was enlarged to serve as a resort hotel in 1809 — Franklin had fled to England in exile more than 25 years prior, having served as a leader for the Loyalists. The mansion, the only official royal governor residence that still exists in all the Colonies, began a historical restoration in 2011. It currently serves as a museum and event space, even while restoration is underway.

Kearny Cottage Museum

Built in 1781, this modest four-room cottage was once the home of the Kearny family, the most famous of which was Commander Lawrence Kearny of the U.S. Navy., whose storied career included circumnavigating the world, fighting pirates in the Caribbean, and promoting free trade with China. He also served as mayor of Perth Amboy from 1948–49. The house, which has been relocated twice over the years, now sits just steps away from the Raritan River mouth and serves as a museum, showcasing donated items related to the maritime legacy of its former owners, as well as the city.

So, get on out there and explore. There’s so much to learn about the history surrounding your rental near Perth Amboy. It’s fascinating on its own and makes for great fodder at your next social gathering. rental apartments for lease in Perth Amboy, NJ include homes at Harbortown Breeze, Harbortown Ports, State Fayette, Harbortown Terrace, Convery Gardens, and many more. Use’s apartment locator to find the home that’s right for you.