Chances are, you’re scrambling around your rental near Belle Meade to clean and declutter before company arrives  We get it. We all like knowing that all germs have been disinfected and general day-to-day use is cleaned and organized. The bathroom is ironically perhaps the most germ-filled space in your apartment, so it’s worth it to devote a little more time to this room. Instead of simply wiping down the surfaces, here are a few key ways to do a deep clean of your bathroom—your guests will appreciate it, and you’ll notice the difference, too.

  • Tend to the toilet

This is the area that makes all of us the most squeamish, so it only makes sense that this is also the spot that deserves the most attention. After wiping down the surface area, it’s a great idea to undo the seat so you can reach the crevices that normally don’t receive attention. The toilet brush is also an item that does a lot of the work for us but think about the attention that that brush actually gets in terms of cleanliness. After using it, spray the end with hydrogen peroxide to disinfect and be sure it’s completely dry before replacing it to the stand, alleviating the chances for dirty toilet bowl water buildup

  • Focus on the seams

Once the surfaces in the bathroom of your rental near Belle Meade are wiped down, focus another round specifically on the areas where two surfaces meet. These areas tend to be overlooked, so be sure to focus on the spot where the wall meets your tub, the faucet meets the tile and even the ledges on your floor border. Dust, germs, and grime all collect here.

  • Don’t forget the fan

Due to high water temperatures and steam, the bathroom can generate high levels of mold and mildew. Avoid this by always using your fan. If the bathroom in your rental near Belle Meade doesn’t have one, it’s worth it to either open a window during showers or to invest in a small portable dehumidifier. Your walls AND your beauty products will thank you.

Preparing your rental near Belle Meade for holiday company doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Make a plan and attack before company arrives!