Teenage girls change their minds as often as their clothes so when it comes to decorating their rooms at apartments in Metuchen, NJ, you need something versatile that will fit their changing tastes.

For an easy update that can add some pizzazz, decorate the ceiling with decals. If you have textured ceiling, and the approval of your landlord, use stencils and paint instead.

If color is what they’re after, pair teal wall paint with white bedroom furniture to make their room to really pop. Arrange pictures in a gallery design on the wall and even hang their TV for a seamless look.

Sometimes, you want to look at all your memories instead of putting them away. Hanging a net of interlocking ribbons to display cards, pictures, posters and other small memorabilia, creates structure without taking away from the bohemian feel. Use pins and binder clips to hang the memorabilia and memories.

Emphasize color and pattern instead of themes for the bedroom décor at apartments in Metuchen, NJ. The colors will last longer than the theme and if you pair with eclectic furniture, you can swap pieces out.

Closet space is king in any apartment and for a teenage girl, you better have more than enough room for all their clothes. If your teenager is willing to fold her clothes and store them, consider turning the closet area into an “office” where she can keep her desk, laptop, and add shelves on the sides going all the way up. This allows for more room within her room.

Whatever you choose, make sure the colors are something that will last, not the latest trends. It may be difficult getting your teenager to see that, however if you remind them it’s a lot easier to switch out pieces than change the wall color, you should get somewhere.

Don’t forget to let her have some input in design and decoration. Keeping teens at apartments in Metuchen, NJ, can be easy – at least when it comes to decorating!