Easter represents a hopeful, happy time for so many. Aside from the importance of the holiday to Christianity, Easter often falls just as the weather is warming up and shedding the last vestiges of winter. Many people like to decorate their apartments in Monroe, NJ, to reflect the changing of the seasons. If you fit that description, read on for some fun and inexpensive ways to bring some Easter joy to your apartment.

Cheery floral blooms

This can be as simple as a silk garland purchased at a craft store, or pretty paper flowers. If you’re feeling really up for a DIY challenge (and you’re not a florist, in which case it’s not a challenge), you can use fresh flowers and greenery to make a garland for your home.

If garlands on the wall or around windows aren’t your thing, then naturally, another alternative is having arrangements of blooms around your home. These don’t have to be fresh flowers — although the first spring flowers of the season are beautiful — silk and paper are options as well. Daffodils or roses that last for weeks (or longer) and not days? Great! This can be a great activity to get the kids into the act, too.

Easter eggs

It wouldn’t be Easter without eggs. And now more than ever, there are ways to be incredibly unique in your egg decorating even when you’re using the traditional dyes you remember from your childhood.  Martha Stewart’s lace eggs use those fun vinegar-based dyes to create lovely colored eggs in a shabby chic style. Another fun — and simple — way to dye eggs is in the ombre style that’s all the rage in home decor. Dye your eggs to match your apartment in Monroe, NJ.

If you don’t want to dye your eggs, preferring to go a more natural route, you have options, too. Don’t forget that eggs aren’t always white! The shell color is a result of the color of the chicken who laid said egg. You can find brown eggs at the supermarket. With some searching, you can probably find blue eggs, too. Use a non-toxic chalk marker to draw designs on your eggs (after hard boiling, of course) to get a lovely, Instagram-worthy set of completely edible Easter eggs. Another alternative is to use tissue paper (did you know you could tape tissue paper to cardstock and run it through a printer to get an intricate design?) and Mod Podge it to the egg.


Another really easy way to decorate are fun printables. Just Google and print then let the kiddos color things in with their favorite markers, colored pencils, or other art medium. You’ll get the double duty decorating bonus in with printables in your style, that also double as children’s art.

And this is just the beginning. Easter has so many symbols that you can incorporate into decorating your apartment in Monroe, NJ.  You can add crosses (fold green palms into decor), lilies, more bunnies. As with many things decor, you’re only limited by your imagination.