Renters at Old Bridge apartments might think they’re stuck with what the kitchen gods bestowed upon them, but that’s not entirely true! There are some simple changes that you can make to spruce up and personalize your kitchen space to make it work for you. You can make adjustments to your kitchen structure as long as they’re reversible if you should ever move on.

  1. Cabinets – Cabinets are one of the easiest things to change in your Old Bridge apartment. Not to say you’ll be ripping out what’s there and adding your own, but you can make subtle changes that will change the feel of your kitchen. Consider removing the cabinet doors (as long as the interior is attractive, clean, and simple) to give your kitchen an open-storage look. This hack will also make the kitchen look larger and airier. Speaking of cabinet changes, change out the hardware! A screwdriver and a few new pieces of hardware can change the entire vibe of your space.
  2. Backsplash – Updating your kitchen’s overall look doesn’t have to be permanent. Today, several manufacturers offer peel-and-stick and/or removable backsplashes specifically made for kitchens. From tile to tin, you’ll find a myriad of options in updating your kitchen’s backsplash for the time you occupy the space. Home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowes offer several peel-and-stick options, but be sure they can be removed before you install!
  3. Paint – Though painting is a more semi-permanent kitchen upgrade, it can be reversed. Check with your community manager to ensure painting is within the rules set by your Old Bridge apartment. If so, get busy and creative! You can make your kitchen your own from unique paints to cabinet appliques. It’s not advisable to select a darker color as it will be harder to paint over if you leave, but as long as you’re prepared – have fun!

There are lots of ways to make Old Bridge apartments represent your unique style and taste. A little bit of research and DIY initiative can set your space apart from everyone else. Again, make sure to clear any updates you’d like to do with your property manager. Once you have that OK then feel free to get creative!