Your home should be a reflection of YOU: comfortable, trendy, and prepared for entertainment at any moment. Because Elizabeth, NJ, is a hub for young, up-and-coming professionals, you want your home to be a replica of this very persona. So, with that, you might be thinking of ways to make your dining area conducive for entertaining regardless of your available space. Here are just a few ways to ensure your dining nook is practical AND posh—get ready to be inspired!

  1. Figure out your guest list first

What kind of gathering are you organizing? If it’s a full and formal meal, take a look at your seating availability within your space and work roughly with that number (plus or minus a few heads, depending on additional seating you have in the rest of your apartment). If you’re planning a more casual cocktail party, you can figure to allow a few more, as many people will choose to stand or mingle from circle to circle. Also keep in mind the time of arrival and departure; for formal gatherings, most people will arrive roughly at the same time; for informal gatherings, the time is a bit looser, which will allow for a larger gathering altogether.

  1. Booze is key

Everyone knows the key to a great get-together is the booze especially at apartments near Elizabeth, NJ! Whether your theme is wine and cheese or margaritas and guacamole, entice your guests with options. Instead of just placing all your bottles or pitchers on the countertop (that’s precious real estate when there’s food involved), consider taking advantage of a windowsill or investing in a super-trendy bar cart that’s on the other side of the room, encouraging your guests to migrate throughout your unit. If you have a bit more flexibility with your space, consider installing a wall bar cabinet so that you can consolidate all your cocktail essentials into one cute spot.

  1. Your table is your theme

Whether this is where you keep the food (or the drinks) for your gathering or if it’s simply a spot to relive tired hands from holding their plates and glasses, this will no doubt still become the focal point of your gathering. Make sure that your table is the heart of your home, so fulfill the theme of your apartment here. Don’t over-accessorize, and keep your tabletop décor minimal. Include a small yet tasteful floral arrangement, or simply place a table runner to encourage your party-goers to rest their plates and glasses here.

Apartments near Elizabeth, NJ, should be open to host as many friends as needed. A little bit of arranging can fit a crowd. Ultimately, this is YOUR home, so feel free to decorate it with your own taste and inspiration—your guests are there to see you, afterall!