The days are growing shorter and the temperature colder. Here are some tips to make Roselle Park, NJ rentals cozy for the winter months and beyond.

Darker hues envelop the bedroom creating a perfect space to relax. Adding plush bed linens to the ultra-dark space will add a nice contrast and create an inviting area to curl up in. You can also add rugs and throw pillows to enhance your space. Adding rugs is a great way to add texture and color. Additionally, you can layer different shaped and patterned rugs for a super cozy look.

Blankets are the best friends of winter. Add an assortment of throws in complimentary colors of different textures (fur, knit, whatever you want) to make the bed a warm oasis in your Roselle Park NJ, rental. Take the oasis a step further and add a canopy. You’ll be able to shut out the cold and sleep in the safety of your own bubble.

Don’t want to change your color scheme or buy new things? Try adjusting your lighting instead. Soft lighting sets the tone for a warm cozy environment. If you have an overhead light, add a dimmer to create the soft glow.

The best way to make Roselle, NJ rentals cozy: add your own personal touch. Little DIY projects like converting an old suitcase into a night stand or using upcycled window panes as picture frames can turn a cold, modern looking apartment into the home you’ve always wanted.

Choose the right pieces that speak to you. Warm wood accent pieces, a vase of flowers, or your favorite books tucked neatly under the nightstand are all examples of decorations that can enhance your Roselle, NJ rental.

Create a nook just for you by placing a chair in the pattern and style of your choosing (recommended a high back with plush cushions) in an alcove or window area. Add a rug, textured blanket and pillows whether you read in it, watch Netflix on your tablet in it or daydream in it, you’ve got yourself a cozy nook and an even cozier apartment.

Stay tuned to for more information on how to create a cozy space in Roselle Park, NJ rentals.