The best way to make your Roselle Park, NJ, apartment feel like home is by adding personal touches and what better way than by adding photos of your loved ones and you? Instead of just putting pictures in frames and hanging them normally, try these photo collage ideas for a more artistic look.

  1. Try a cloud like formation with no frames. Use sepia photos for an even dreamier look or go normal colored for a brighter look.
  2. Overlap your images over pieces of textured paper or other photos of scenery for the illusion of a background.
  3. Cover an entire wall in printed snapshots. You can arrange them in uniform order or create a pattern.
  4. Put a black cork board or wallpaper on the side of a wall and then add your unframed black and white snapshots for a vintage look.
  5. The small spaces between door frames at your Roselle Park, NJ, apartment make the perfect place to create a photo collage. Use washi tape to hang and create a design for this temporary but stylish collage.
  6. Allow your photos to touch on the door frame or small wall and cover it in its entirety. This will give your apartment a textured feel.
  7. Create a shape like a heart, rectangle, diamond, etc., with your snapshots to make them the focal point of your room.
  8. Hang wire and use clips to decorate with your memories. Create a uniform picture wire or mix up the sizes of your pictures and their closeness.
  9. Use cork to cover an entire wall to create a beautiful accent. Cover with your pictures and posters for a personalized touch.
  10. Have a staircase? Cover the wall leading up with photos of all your memories. Put them in linear order or randomly, the choice is yours.

Whatever you decide, adding photos will certainly liven up your Roselle Park, NJ, apartment and make it more like home.