Ever look around your Monroe, NJ, apartment and think it’s time for a change, then remember you have a specific budget that won’t exactly allow you to spend a ton? You may not be able to change everything, but by focusing on one room, you can change your apartment for a lot less. Use these creative plays on textures, color, and patterns to up your bedroom’s style.

The Refuge

If you’re looking to make your bedroom more of a sanctuary, keeping your linens mostly neutral is your best bet. You can add nubby textures like throw rugs and simple geometrics like small patterned sheets in neutral tones to include more style. This keeps your bed clean and sophisticated without sacrificing your tastes. And, as a bonus, neutral colors without fancy patterns tend to be more affordable.

The Muted Elegance

Hushed tones and serene décor are the perfect combo for those of you who want something a little brighter in your Monroe, NJ apartment. Try mixing tried and true color combos that are lively and pretty yet still calm and tranquil. For example, lilac, peachy coral, and dusty gray. You can also go with a mellow yellow, light gray, and teal. Use the neutral tones as your backdrop and the brighter colors as accents.

The Print Bed

Print trends are all the rage and if you want to incorporate this trend into your bed décor, you’ve got to remember that less is more. Pick one item to have the print and use complimentary colors for the rest of the bedding. If you think you’ll change your mind about this scheme later or you really don’t want too much print, make the pillows have the print of your choice and the other linens neutral. Versatility is key with print trends and you’ll be able to swap out prints far easier in your Monroe, NJ, apartment by keeping neutral tones for other linens.


Another easy way to upgrade your bed on a budget is to pick up a few fun accent pillows at your local discount or thrift store. Stores like Marshall’s and Burlington Coat Factory tend to have trendy yet affordable pillows and bedroom accents that won’t break the bank. Scour the shelves to find something that suits your fancy and your Monroe, NJ, apartment.