Brightening your apartments near Carteret, NJ doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. What’s better than a bouquet of fresh summer blooms sitting on your table? Don’t spend a ton on fresh flowers when there are easy ways to find the best blooms around for a little bit less. With a few frugal bouquets and a couple of handy flower arranging tips, your apartment will be the talk of the town and all your friends! Here are some ways you can create beautiful arrangements for every room of your apartment!

Shop Smart

Did you know you can find really great deals on flowers at local markets and grocery stores? Places like Trader Joe’s have an extensive range of in-season flowers for great prices. Ranging from $3.99 to $9.99, and possibly more depending on the season, you can find beautiful blooms for less than the cost of lunch. Grab a couple of bouquets and get home to begin your masterpiece or masterpieces depending on how much you want to spend and how many rooms you want to brighten!

Tricks of the Trade

Now that you’ve come back to your apartment near Carteret, NJ, with a bushel of bouquets it’s time to get to work! Even if you aren’t creatively gifted, there are some simple rules to follow when crafting floral arrangements:

  • Put flowers in water as soon as you get them home. Don’t leave them lying on the counter while you’re working your magic!
  • Always make a fresh cut before placing your blooms in water. This will ensure they can soak up the liquid and stay fresher longer.
  • Having flowers that are all the same height is a look, but if you’ve picked up a mixed bouquet you want varying heights to liven the arrangement. You can cut flowers to different heights to give your arrangement that extra oomph.
  • Colors and shapes. Think about how you use color. Similar tones offset with white and green can make for a stunning arrangement.
  • Fill it in. You want your arrangement to take up the vase you’re holding it in, so make sure you have filler flowers. If you still find that you’re a little sparse, you can cut the flowers to accommodate the vase opening and make the arrangement seem more full.

Gorgeous arrangements don’t have to be the work of professionals. Grab a couple blooms and brighten up your apartment near Carteret, NJ.