You’ve admired the great paintings. Read the inspiring stories. Seen the exciting movies. The strong bond between man and dog has been pondered for centuries in both classic and modern art and literature. Greek mythology refers to “Cerberus” as the hound of Hades; a multi-headed dog that guard the gates of the underworld to prevent the dead from leaving. That may be among the earlier references in classical art and literature to dogs. Then there are the war dogs, pets, hunting dogs and rescue dogs. The list goes on and on.

Woodbridge residents at  Fox Hill RunForest View, Evergreen East, Evergreen Forest and Cloverleaf Gardens are invited to join lecturer Mike Norris on Monday 8/2 from 4pm-5pm, as he presents examples in Classical art of how man’s best friend preserved the life, limb, and property of his master. The presentation – BFFs: Man and Dog in the Classical World – is a hybrid event taking place outdoors at the Woodbridge Main Library and for those unable to attend, the event will be streamed live via Zoom. Furthermore should inclement weather prevent an outdoor presentation, the event will revert back to being entirely virtual on Zoom.

Norris received his BA in classics from the University of California at San Diego and his MA in classics and Ph.D. in art history at the University of California at Santa Barbara. He spent twenty years at the Cloisters Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and has lectured on trips all over the world.

Registration for this event begins on July 2 and by clicking on this link (on are after 7/2) , you’ll be well on your way to securing your place.

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