A coffee table book is a showpiece for your living room — too big and beautiful to hide away on a bookshelf. And there’s no room for wall-to-wall bookshelves in apartments in Monroe, NJ, anyway.  So, take your pick of some of the best, newest coffee table books to show off your interests, beautifully.

Every Person in New York

This is a clever book that depicts one artist’s decision to sketch everyone in New York. Everyone. He’s drawn 36,000 New Yorkers for this first book. Be sure there’s more to come.

Humans of New York

Are you a fan of the hugely successful Facebook page and blog that photographer Brandon Stanton started? This book tells the New Yorkers’ stories in more detail, with photographs and anecdotes found only in the print form. You’ll get a whole new view of the personalities that make up the very fabric of the Big Apple and beyond. In addition to this 2013 version, there’s also Humans of New York: Stories published in 2015.

Destinations of a Lifetime: 225 of the World’s Most Amazing Places

Trust National Geographic to bring you some of the most beautiful photographs of some of the most incredible places on earth. If you can imagine a majestic place on earth — natural or manmade — you’re sure to find something like it in this book. Let it inspire you every time you glance at it on your coffee table.

Age of Empires: Art of the Qin and Han Dynasties

This beautiful book details the art of the classical era of Chinese civilization. The Qin and Han dynasties ruled China for 400 years from 221BC to 200AD. These dynasties laid the groundwork for the culture and art that continued to exist for 2000 years. If you admire oriental art, this is a great book for you. This book will be released in April 2017.

Fashion Forward: 300 Years of Fashion

For the fashion-conscious and fashion-forward, a coffee table book about the history of fashion and couture from the 1800s until present day. This book features 300 key moments in fashion history. It also explains how fashion has always been tied to both the fine and decorative arts throughout the years. This book will be released on at the end of March 2017.

This is just the beginning of some of the gorgeous books that can grace the coffee table in your apartment in Monroe NJ.