For both my daughters, growing up without BEAUTY & THE BEAST would have been a glaring omission in a childhood decorated (thankfully) mostly with wonderful memories and events! I remember taking our oldest (then a toddler) to the movie theater in the mid 1990’s and how even before we had left the theater she pronounced Lumiere, the singing candelabra to be a lot like me, her dad. “He’s funny like you daddy!” It would be ten years later that her little sister, then a toddler herself, would join me and her mom on Broadway to see the stage production of the classic tale festooned in her Mrs. Potts teacup costume we purchased for the previous years dress up holidays. 

Perth Amboy Residents at Harbortown BreezeHarbortown TerraceHarbortown PortsHarbortown SailState FayyetteHarbortown HeightsFlorida Grove ArmsHarbortown Ports North EastConvery Gardens & Hidden Village who happen to treasure the timeless “tale as old as time” can enjoy the Perth Amboy Community Theatre’s production of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST on Saturday May 13 with family and friends when the production begins at 1pm. The event will be held at the Perth Amboy YMCA at 357 New Brunswick Ave. 

To reserve your tickets ($10), click here and you’ll be taken to an Eventbrite page where you can choose seats. The senior citizen and youth discount code is “Senior/ Youth Discount.” *Note that the payment itself must be made within 24-48 hours of your reservation at the Perth Amboy Office of Recreation located at 215 Elm Street. 

To visit the theatre’s Facebook page, click here. 

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