Winter’s shorter days and harsh weather conditions can make a lot of us feel down, causing increased time indoors and less time enjoying life’s day-to-day. If you’re one of the many people that feels the blues during the winter months at apartments near Perth Amboy, NJ, take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone, and there are ways to perk your mood without drastic measures. Many suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which comes from these winter influences; instead of waiting around for spring to come, here are a few ways to boost your mood and make your apartment near Perth Amboy, NJ, free of SAD and full of life.

  1. Invest in a light therapy lamp

Lucky for us, we live in a time when technology can HELP us. These light therapy lamps have helped many SAD sufferers by providing light similar to that of the sun’s rays. Because the winter months generally provide us with less serotonin than what we need, it’s difficult to get what your body requires to keep SAD at a distance, making these lamps a great substitution.

  1. Keep moving

The holidays are a universal time in which it’s easy to overeat and overdrink, causing us to feel a bit more tired and sluggish than other months. To avoid this, it’s helpful to maintain a regular exercise regimen, even if it’s walking around the block or skipping the elevator and taking the stairs at work. Don’t forget to be mindful about what you’re eating in between the holiday parties and days off work—otherwise you’ll miss out on those precious vitamins and nutrients your body requires.

  1. Surround yourself with loved ones

The holidays are meant to be joyous and full of love and gratitude. It might be easy to hole up in your Perth Amboy apartment and binge watch that Harry Potter marathon, but don’t forget to schedule a coffee date with your girlfriends or a movie night with your parents—surrounding yourself with friends and family is a surefire way to keep your spirits high and your SAD far away.

Don’t let SAD ruin your winter. A couple of fixes can make apartments near Perth Amboy, NJ, a safe place while also allowing you to get out and enjoy the season.