Searching for your next place to call home can be a mix of exciting and stressful, as there are many things to look for when touring an apartment. These can range from safety and security to available amenities and general condition. It’s a good idea to keep these staples in mind the next time you view a potential new home so you can ensure your most essential needs are met.

Safety and Security


Always check for locks on the doors and safety features on the windows. Knowing that the locks will be changed and you have proper security on your windows will help you feel safe and secure when it’s time to move in.

Emergency devices

No one likes to think about your home being at risk, but it’s essential to be prepared. So, be sure that the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working and in good condition. Also, ask about a fire extinguisher as well as the preferred escape route.

Unit condition and amenities


Make sure that your basic appliances (stove, refrigerator), fixtures (outlets, lighting), and plumbing (faucets, toilet) are all working properly. Many people don’t think about these things to look for when touring an apartment, but if any of these items are not working before you move in, you can get them fixed right away and avoid any headache of getting them repaired while you’re still trying to focus on getting settled in.

Floors and walls

Take note of the quality of the floor, whether it’s carpeted and not. Look for pre-existing stains or damage before moving in so you can get the issue addressed without worrying about blame being placed on you. When you examine the walls, look for damage from the previous renter or any kind of leaks.

Building amenities

Maintenance and repairs

It’s wise to ask the landlord about the process of requesting help if something needs attention. Be sure to also ask about hours and what to do in the event of an immediate emergency that requires instant attention.

 Sewer, trash, water

These days, these costs are generally baked into the rent, but to avoid any surprises, it’s a good idea to inquire how this is paid for within your lease.

Laundry, package delivery, freight entrances, pet policies

These are other important things to look for when touring an apartment. Don’t forget to ask about a communal laundry area, the process for receiving packages, if there’s a freight entrance for large deliveries, and the building’s pet policy.

Do a little investigation to make sure your next home is the perfect fit!