Unless you’ve been able to find the fabled corner-less apartment, you may have spaces in your apartment that are wasted, empty space. In apartments in Willingboro, and elsewhere, one of the big keys to living comfortably is maximizing every spare inch of space – including corners. This means tables, especially since book cases or other forms of attractive shelving units usually don’t fit into that small a place, can be used to work with your space.

The other big bonus of corner tables – no squares or rectangles shoe horned into the corner waiting to bang into your leg. These will fit into corners properly, to spare your shins some bruises.

Corner tables come in varying heights, presumably to fit furniture of different heights. You’ll find beautiful items that fit every style of decor, at every price point.

You can find the sleek and modern, metal and glass, nesting tables so you can have multiple tables in the same small space. You can also find the vintage look with warm wood and fluted legs. And if you decide that you want to do something with your own style, starting with a wooden blank slate, there’s that option, too.

Size varies as much as you need, too. You can get something small, large enough to hold a small potted plant. Or you could get something large enough to use for writing, or even a computer desk.

What will you place in your apartment in Willingboro? That all depends on your needs. But whatever you choose, your shins will thank you for it.