Living in an apartment near Englewood, NJ doesn’t mean you can’t live the glamorous life. When you move into a new apartment, you want to make it your own. Even if you can’t bathe the walls in rich hues, refinish floors, or tear out cabinets, there are several ways that you can add glamour to your apartment wherever it’s located. Here are some ways to add a little bit more fanciness to your abode without risk of losing your security deposit.

Bold is Beautiful

What’s more luxurious than bold colors and rich fabrics? To add glamour to your apartment near Englewood, NJ, the first step is to select some focal pieces that will be included in your décor. There are lots of options on the market and many won’t even break the bank. (yes!) has a range of velvet-style couches, chairs, ottomans, and more that are reasonably priced and absolutely stunning. Other sites like Wayfair and beg to be perused when you’re on the hunt as well. Pick one or two deep colors to start with and build around that. Depending on the size of your space, dark and daring can quickly get overwhelming, so start small.

Shape It Up

Playing with shape in your space can create a dramatic, glamorous look. Don’t get trapped in traditional boxy furniture. For a more glamorous look, search for pieces that have lots of curves and angles. You can also play with sizes to switch it up. Though it’s tempting to go all in when it comes to shapes and sizes, don’t go overboard. You may end up with an apartment straight out a Tim Burton film, unless that’s what you’re going for then go for it!

Glitz is Glamorous

No glamorous apartment near Englewood, NJ, is complete without some shine. Use a mix of high-polish metal and crystal (or lucite) to add lots of shine to your space. There are lots of lucite options at stores like Home Goods and Marshall’s, so getting some glam to add to your apartment won’t cost as much as it looks like it did!

Balance is Key

As enticing as shopping for new things can be, you should limit yourself. Balance within your apartment is key for a glamorous and chic look. Allow the space to breathe. If your focus is bold and beautiful furniture, then don’t go overboard on wall and floor décor. Let the pieces speak for themselves and truly stand out. Any apartment near Englewood, NJ, can pull off a glamorous look!