The stakes are high. Tempers flare over who was invited. The gowns are classic, or maybe outrageous.

We’re talking about the actual Oscar ceremony, not the party at your Metuchen apartment. Here are some tips for throwing a bash that comes close to the real thing.

Invitations. A glitzy paper invitation is best—think black, white, and gold. But if it’s too late, plenty of online invitations look the part.

Dress code. It’s a night to celebrate the strange, sexy, and beautiful, so specify semi-formal dress. You can’t expect black tie or Vera Wang gowns, of course, but let your guests know it’s an occasion.

The red carpet. An Oscar party without a red carpet is like a baseball game without hot dogs. All you need is a few yards of cheap red fabric for your hallway. If you like, film guests with your phone as you greet them and ask what they’re wearing.

Décor. Like we said, black, white, and gold—and maybe throw some red in. Stars, glitter, Oscar silhouettes, garland, balloons . . . be creative!

Food & drink. Champagne is a given, and if possible plan a menu around the nominated films. Philly cheese steaks, for example, are a good bet for Creed.

Lots more good Oscar party ideas are available online, so do your research and enjoy the year’s most glamorous evening at your Metuchen, NJ apartment!