The holidays are a busy time for all. Among the hustle and bustle of seeing family, buying presents, and travelling, it can be very rewarding to find time to give back to others. After all, this time of year is all about goodwill towards others! There are always opportunities to help out in the community near West Windsor, NJ, rentals.

Book Drive and Donation

Donating some books that you or your kids have already read through can be a great way to help out people in need this year. Through the program Reach Out And Read, you can donate children’s books (either new or slightly used) so that kids can have what they need to develop their growing brains. There are several locations around the West Windsor area where you can donate or volunteer. Go to to learn more about helping your community, as well as the next generation of school students!

Volunteer for Parks and Recreation

It may be a little cold to go out and garden, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help the area around you. The Township of West Windsor is always looking for volunteers for the Parks and Recreation department. Even if it’s just going to a trash gathering event, there are always ways to make the world a better place for everyone to live in. Don’t be afraid to get dirty this holiday season by getting into community service. Find out more at on how to volunteer.

Food Drive

Donating food is another great way to help those in need this season. As it gets colder, it can be difficult for the less fortunate to find a warm meal. Soup kitchens are wonderful resources, but donating can make a world of difference in helping them run. Arm In Arm is a crisis ministry that runs a food drive called Yes We Can all year to help support soup kitchens. They also accept cash donations, so if you find yourself saving extra money on your presents this year, consider giving a little to this charity. For the winter, the food drive operates out of the West Windsor Indoor Farmers Market. They also need volunteers for just two-hour shifts at supermarkets in the area. You can learn more at on how to donate or volunteer.

Church Sales or Yard Sales

Gathering up some old stuff you don’t need is a great way to make more room in West Windsor, NJ, rentals. Not only can you get rid of things you no longer use, but the money can go towards something charitable. If you donate to a church sale, all the money will go towards the church. If you organize a sale with you and your neighbors, you can all agree on a charity to put the money towards this year. Lots of churches run rummage sales or craft sales (which also benefit the church!) for the holidays, so keep an eye out for signs advertising these the next time you’re driving in the area!

These are only a few of the ways you can give a piece of your time to help out those around you. Get a group of friends together to help out– many hands make light work! Take this as an opportunity to grow closer to your loved ones and to the people that live in the community around West Windsor, NJ, rentals, and you never know what you might discover about West Windsor.